Privacy Policy

* We do not pass on any of customer’s information to anyone else; we keep our customers personal details confidential and use them only for the sales which are the sole purpose. We do not sell, or share customer’s personal details with other businesses or vendors. According to the Privacy Act 1993 you may check and correct the accuracy of personal details at any time.

* From time to time we may send you product information (including special offers) in the mail or by e-mail.

* For your convenience, has integrated Facebook App to enable you to log on our website without registration. All of your personal information will be encrypted during the whole process. will not be able to access/ modify/ review your personal information. Your Facebook profile will be stored in an encrypted database with a random generated encrypted key to ensure no second party or third party able to change this mechanism or review this database.

* As you purchase our products you will be authorizing us to use any information we have about you, and to collect information about you, for any reasonable purpose related to our business including: obtaining credit reports, registering security interests, reporting overdue debts to debt collection agencies or credit reporting agencies.
For more information about your right of access to and correction of information held by us please refer to the Privacy Act 1993. Subject to the Privacy Act, a fee for retrieval and correction of information may be charged if appropriate.