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planetbox shuttle
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Planetbox shuttle

Planetbox shuttle

PlanetBox Shuttle is perfect for packing small meals and snacks on the go. The Shuttle set includes a PlanetBox Shuttle lunchbox, a tall dipper for dips and sauces, a super fun magnet set, and a compact Shuttle carry bag.

PlanetBox is designed to keep foods from “touching each other.” When you close your PlanetBox the top and the bottom meet so that foods will not co-mingle, even when carried and stored on its side. The seal on the PlanetBox itself is not designed to hold wet, messy foods like yogurt, dips, and applesauce. The Dipper included is the best option to use for foods such as these.
Helps save money, time and packaging waste going to landfill.
Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, meaning less waste in our landfills.
The Magnets are made out of a synthetic rubber material that has been certified to be free of toxic materials.

No lids to keep track because it's attached.

Includes fun magnets to decorate your Planetbox. Magnets are made out of synthetic rubber certified free of toxins (unlike PVC magnets).
The latch on the PlanetBox lunchbox is designed for 3-year-old hands and older to close and open by themselves.
Lead free, BPA free and free from phthalates & PVC. 100% FDA approved materials.
22cm × 16cm × 5cm - 2 cups main compartment, 1 cup side compartment


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